What Does the Website Offer?

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As many members may have already noticed, the Cub Club has been offering a website for a number of years now. Our website offers a variety of helpful files and information to members and non-members alike.

For those who are members, the site offers a multitude of options; these include:

  • access to all of the highlighted questions,
  • access to the most recent For Sale, Wanted and Information Wanted Ads,
  • access to a complete listing of instructors and mechanics,
  • a member status box to keep you informed of how long your membership is current until,
  • and a photo gallery where members can upload photos from air shows and browse supplementary newsletter photos.

Non-members will still find the website to be a valuable resource providing a variety of Piper, Luscombe, Continental, and Lycoming Type Certificates, important links to Cub Parts suppliers and other aviation resources, access to the most recent highlighted question and information on becoming a member.


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